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Khao Lak Riverside Resort & Spa

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Anti Stress Massage at  Khao Lak Riverside Resort & Spa

Anti-Stress Head,
Back & Shoulder Massage

A therapeutic massage which helps to alleviate the built up stress and blocked energy that we all tend to hold in these areas. This anti stress massage will leave you feeling calm, revitalized and tension free.

Thai Massage

The traditional Thai massage has been developed for over 200 years and used as a tool for relaxation and decease prevention. The concept of Thai massage relies on the movement of the masseuse to apply pressure on different points on your body and twist, pull and manipulate your body to promote blood flows and stimulate the body’s natural healing energies and redirect them to area that need healing.
Thai massage is promised to soothe aches and pains, loosen joints and ease muscle tension, leaving your feel completely refreshed.

Massage Room Khao Lak Resort Spa

Oriental Fusion

This sensational essential Thai oil body massage will help to boost up the body defence mechanisms as well as to relax your body and mind. It will get you back on your feet in no time. Chivit Spa has carefully selected various types of quality natural essential oil to suit everyone’s needs. For your choices, Lavender, Jasmine, Orange, Peppermint and Lemongrass

Foot Massage

Reflexology is said to have ancient origins in China. It is based on the principles that the feet and hands are loaded with nerve ending which correspond with all parts of the body; therefore pressing the pressure on one reflex area produces effect in another part of the body via the pathways of the nervous system.
Reflexology is extremely relaxing; it helps to improve the blood circulation, ease pain, headaches, and treat a wide range of illnesses.

Asian Sense

Together with your relaxing foot and leg massage you will enjoy a manicure, a soft hand massage and unlimited access to the sauna and steam bath.

Tropical Feeling

After a long walk on the beach, a foot reflex zone massage is ideal for your aching feet and legs. This holistic healing technique is far more than a foot massage. The reflex zone points on your feet will be stimulated; it will also help to restore balance and harmony to your body. Additional you can relax a whole day of your choice in the sauna and herbal steam bath.


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Khao Lak Riverside Resort & Spa

67/167 Moo 5 T. Khuk Khak A. Takua Pa - Bang Niang Beach Khao Lak - Phang Nga - 82190 Thailand
Tel. + 66 (0) 76 486 080, Fax. + 66 (0) 76 486 081 - e-mail: -
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